Surviving and Thriving Guest Post

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Sunday Moment ~ Our Church Mission ~ Miskito Indians

Today, We went to church and spent time with the family. 23 members of our church went on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua. They hosted a Crusade in Victoria Field for about 10,000 people. They had many people give their lives to the Lord.

Our church is also building an orphanage and radio tower. They have 16 orphans they are helping. When the building is finished they will be able to help more. The radio tower is up, but they need to build a building to house the equipment and a room for someone to always stay there and guard. Our vision is to have messages from the US translated and broadcasted over the airways to the Miskito Indians along the Rio Coco River. They have their own language and don't speak Spanish. While there, they came in contact with a young Miskito Indian that went to the University and can translate all messages for them. Isn't God good.

I am taking back control of my home, one room at a time.

100 Day Clutter Challenge

I am at Day 50. I have gone through 5 rooms, using the 5s System

I have 8 rooms left to go. The Master area was probably the worst  and I did most of the work myself. For the rest of the house, I am going to enlist the help of my children. I am going to share the expectations I have for my home and teach my children how to Sustain it. I am praying if they have a hand in straightening the area, pride in a job well done will help keep it looking nice and organized.
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