100 Day Clutter Challenge

I am so excited about my new organization project. I have lived in this house for 6 years. We bought with the intention of doing our first "flip this house". It was in 1980 original style. We replaced some appliances, floor covering and a couple of window's, then we ran out of money and the market dropped. When we first moved in, I had streamlined our stuff. I had 2 large moving boxes, one we filled with the items we keep and the other with things to give away or yard sale. I know less is more with me. I have a growing family and I don't really like cleaning all that much, but it's necessary. My piles grew, what feels like overnight, but now is the time to take care of the clutter. Send me a comment if you are going to join me on this journey.


  1. I'm with you on the need to declutter- my house is closing in on me lately as we're on the countdown to child #3 in December. I've also wanted to be committed to bloggin; maybe that would help keep me accountable. Yet I don't want to be completely 'public' yet with my teeny little blog. So far I just love reading them. maybe we can link up.=)

    1. I had a problem posting my before pictures. I'm embarrassed that I let it get that out of hand. Just shove it in and close the door. I am new to blogging and don't know how to link up, but it sounds like fun.

    2. By the way, congratulations on #3!