What robs you of your time?
  Right now, it's the computer. I limit my kids, but I don't always limit myself.

   Robbers sneak up on you.  I usually have to sit with my children during school. Sometimes, I can get a load of laundry or dishes done, but if I go too far, the kids stop working. While I'm sitting there, I will answer questions or teach my preschooler, but if he is watching a video, I will get out a laptop or tablet. I am not looking up helpful references or preschool worksheets. No, I am playing Words with Friends or Hidden Chronicles. Some play Farmville, Castleville or Bakers Life. You have friends that need your help getting a bucket of paint or they need some energy or it is my move and my friend is waiting for their turn. Before I knew it, an hour of my life was gone. The only way I can limit my time is to make sure everything I am supposed to do is done first. My "fun" computer time is a reward, after I have finished everything I needed to do for the day. I look forward to it, especially Words with Friends ~ can you say, addicted.
  Whatever it is that keeps you from doing the things you need to do, need to be put in check. If you have a mental or written list of things you want to get accomplished at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day, you were only able to do 2 of them, your time is being robbed. You need to sit down and retrace your steps or even journal your day, to find out what is robbing you of your time. Everyday should be balanced with work and play.  Make time for your husband and family. Make time for your daily routines. Make time for your chores. Make time for Yourself!

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