Minute To Win It Birthday

   We have birthdays 6 of the 12 months. We have 2 in January, skip February, then one a month until July.   We usually have our birthdays at home and invite family and some friends. This year my daughter decided she wanted a Minute To Win It party. For the games, all of the blueprints are on their website, but for the games she picked out we would have to buy a lot of items. I switched it around, we were going to find items we have around the house and match it to a game. We have dice from Yahtzee and popsicle sticks from crafts, so thats our first game, balance 5 dice on the end of the stick held in your mouth. Next, I have a jar full of dimes. There is one game where you fill a large jar, like a pickle jar (we save a lot of jars), fill it with water, place a smaller container in the water then throw dimes in. See how many dimes go in the small container in 1minute. We have golf balls from our amateur golfers, game number 3, try and balance 3 golfballs on top of each other. Like I said, we do like games so I got some playing cards. You put the stack of playing cards on top of my dime jar and try to blow them off leaving only 1 card.  She and her friends had such a good time.
   Decorations were bought from Dollar Tree or I printed anything that went along with the theme. My mom wanted to get the pizza and I usually make the birthday cakes, but this year she wanted an ice cream cake (I am going to make one on my own one year with the yummy crunchies) so we got that for her. She turned 12 so the rest of the time was filled with talking and giggling. I love it when they get older and I don't have to entertain for the whole birthday party. She is such a special daughter. She is artistic, kind hearted, loves animals and athletic. She will always be my little girl.
   You can see it doesn't have to cost a lot to have a great party and a great time.

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