The Art of Marriage ~ Part 3 ~ Love Dances

Love Dances
    Marriage is like a dance, is what we learned about next. Men and women have different roles and responsibilities in marriage. Men are called to sacrificially "Love and Lead" their wives. Women are called to respect and support their husband.
     Love and Lead is my husbands new mantra. In dancing, it's the man's job to lead the lady around the dance floor. He isn't supposed to rush her or push her but gently guide her. He leads by giving clear signals for direction change and is there to support the lady. He needs to be technically capable to lead the dance and he must help her to have fun and enjoy it.
     It's the same in a marriage. The husband is to take the spiritual lead in the family. He has the privilege of loving his wife as Christ loved the church. The husband is to rule over his wife in his leadership role, but for him to ultimately fulfill this calling it means he is to sacrifice himself, his dreams and his desires all for the sake of his family. To do this he has to know his wife, to nourish and cherish her. Some take offense at the thought of their husband being head over them but want a 50/50 relationship. I find it very freeing. My husband being head of our family has the burden of moving this family forward in the direction God would have us to go. Our decision to homeschool, or move, or take another job. We made these decisions together but ultimately he had to get before the Lord and make the decision. I trust him and his leading.

     My new mantra is "Help him and Cheer him on". A wife is called to be the helper in a marriage. A helper doesn't just mindlessly follow, doing whatever she's told. A helper goes forward with vigor to come alongside her husband, her partner and willingly does what she needs to do for the family.
     I am also his biggest cheerleader. My husband gets self-worth from the job he does. A man's biggest fear is failure and they need that confidence from their wife to know they are going to succeed. Everyone makes mistakes, but you can encourage him as he does his best to lead. Cheer him on!

     We need to show respect for one another and try and fulfill the roles that each of us have been called to. We need to admire and cherish one another. Grow spiritually with each other and make your husband or wife top priority after God. Husbands strive to lead you wife sacrificially and lovingly. Wives strive to honor and support your husband.    

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    I LOVE your posts! I know you are the one who originally gave it to me but I have to pass it back to you because this one should really be seen. Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope you continue to post even though there are not a lot of followers. I enjoy the posts so here it is the One Lovely Blog Award because this one is truely LOVELY!
    ~ Brandy