Chores, Chores and More Chores

I Need Help
 Chores are an everyday event. My 5 children are ages almost 5 - almost 16. I had a brilliant idea a year ago, my children need to help me more. I would give them chores every once in a while. Ask them to do things as needed or just pick up after their little brother.
 Their little brother was so good at helping when he was 2. He put everything in the trash, including bowls, cups and spoons. Then, one day he just started making a path of toys, trash and crumbs everywhere he went. I need help!

5 Days A Week, 5 Children
  After asking the Lord for strength, wisdom and endurance, He gave me a great idea, along with the Duggars motto of "Many Hands Make Light Work". My children are old enough to have regular responsibilities around the house. As a homeschool family, we are always here. We eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at home most days.
   My preschooler is always on the move, dropping toys as he goes. He used to love to unroll the toilet paper completely off the roll and when he could reach the bathroom sink, he loved to turn the water on and leave it running. He is still a little mess maker, but I am training him the way he should go and one day he'll get it. As for the others, there are a few things that happen everyday, Laundry, Dinner and Dishes. I assigned my children a day of the week. ReRe is Monday, Cy is Tuesday, Tado is Wednesday, CJ is Thursday and JJ helps me on Fridays. Everyone helps pick up the Living Room before Dad gets home, everyday. I get the weekends and everyone helps with a quick cleanup on Sat. I only gave them a few jobs to begin with, I didn't want to overwhelm them. They were jobs that I could help them manage.

How much allowance will you give me?
"Mom, how much money are we going to earn for doing these chores". I hear these words alot. I have wannabe shoppers in my family. I don't mind rewarding for jobs done well. We used to have a "General Store" with small prizes that they could earn for doing small jobs. This General Store had gift cards to a dollar store, little pet shop, polly pockets, earbuds and lots of candy and tattoos. It worked until they got older and wanted cold, hard cash. The only thing I ask is before they can earn a prize or money, they had to have their room clean. 

Making Progress With Pinterest
 We have kept this pace for about a year. Even after a year, I will still have to remind them it's their day and to bring down their laundry, but it was OK. Then, I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest, a chore door hanger. What a great idea. They would definitely help with the bathrooms and floors, if I asked and asked and asked, but mostly it was on me. When I saw this chore door hanger, they were asking their children to do more things than I was requiring of mine. Hmmmm, they have time for a few more chores. I am only asking them to work one day a week and if they each do a good job, it makes it that much easier for the child after them. I'm going to do it.

A Load Off My Back 
I may have given them a few too many chores, but it's a work in progress. I gave them 
  1. Their Laundry (they bring it down, I wash it and fold it, they take it up and put it away)
  2. Make dinner (I am encouraging them to plan a balanced meal and follow directions, I help the younger ones)
  3. Take out the recycling
  4. Clear the table (save leftovers for Dad's lunch)
  5. Wipe off the stove
  6. Wipe off the counters
  7. Load the Dishwasher (I unload it in the morning)
  8. Shine the Sink
  9. Sweep Floor
  10. Clean their Room 
  It is only one day a week and everything doesn't always get done, but it's a goal. This week I added a sheet with times on  it. I went to a homeschool meeting and they were talking about areas that homeschoolers show weakness; time management and timed testing were 2 that stood out to me. If I can help them make achievable goals, it will only help them in the future. 
  So far, it is working. I read in MoneySavingMom (a blog I love) that she wants to keep her house 15 minutes from having someone over. That is the expectation that I have for my home. I want it to be 15 minutes from having someone over. My brother-in-law is usually not in the area, but called and asked if he could bring a friend over. I said, "Sure". He was right down the road, but because my children had been helping out, I was 15 minutes from having a home that I felt comfortable welcoming someone into. That's why we work as a family, so we can be hospitable to others. 

Thank you, Pinterest

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  1. I read MSM too and I like that suggestion about having a home 15 minutes away from having company!

    I have two children and they are a lot of help. They each have their list of chores and it helps out bunches! And they really don't have that much to do! :) They do a lot of laundry folding for me and they do the dishes a lot. I like to be able to help them fold laundry because it is a good time to chat with them.